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CBS Los Angeles, July 29, 2016
A feast for NFL players
Eating like kings, members of the Los Angeles Rams are getting the royal treatment as UC Irvine chefs cook up citrus and herb Alaskan cod … and more as they welcome their new summer guests. … What does it take to transform a UCI campus food court into the Rams gourmet kitchen? … The public is invited to the Rams’ very first open practice, it’s going to be held Saturday here at UCI.

Wired, July 29, 2016
The doom of your memories doesn’t really exist
“If there’s a lot of suggestion or inference or wishful thinking, you can get distortion in memory,” says Elizabeth Loftus, a professor of social ecology who studies memory at UC Irvine and has written several books on the subject. “It probably happens quite a lot.” As researchers like Loftus have found, memory isn’t as simple as pulling snapshots out of our brains.

Orange County Register, July 28, 2016
Explaining California’s new vaccine law: 9 things you need to know as school begins
Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of UC Irvine’s law school, described the mandate as constitutional. “Every court to rule on mandatory vaccination laws has upheld them, even when they have no exception for religion or the parents’ beliefs,” Chemerinsky said. “There is a compelling interest in protecting children and in stopping the spread of communicable disease.”

Orange County Register, July 29, 2016
The battle to combat youth smoking is not over
Dr. Israel De Alba, MD MPH, UC Irvine Healthcare, [writes]: Proposition 56 will ease the burden smoking causes with a user fee on cigarettes and other products containing nicotine derived from tobacco, including e-cigarettes. … But while all taxpayers pay tobacco’s toll, only those who continue to smoke or start to smoke will pay this user fee.

CNBC, July 29, 2016
We need a tough negotiator like Trump to fix US trade policy
Peter Navarro, business professor at UC Irvine and a policy advisor to the Trump campaign, [writes]: In any negotiation or renegotiation, our guiding principle should be this: Enter into a free trade agreement only if it both increases total trade and reduces our trade deficit. … Only a Reagan or a Trump-like figure in the White House will achieve this goal.

Al Jazeera, July 29, 2016
Hillary Clinton accepts Democratic Party nomination
“What almost always happens when the more centrist candidate gets the nomination, is that voters get the choice between two evils,” said David Meyer, professor of political science at UC Irvine. “Trump makes that choice very easy for most Democrats. The polls I’ve seen suggest that the Sanders people are already coming around.”

Los Angeles Times, July 29, 2016
NFL teams are choosing to camp closer to home
The Rams are a bit of an exception …. they are staging training camp at UC Irvine. That enables them to create a larger footprint in their return to Southern California, helping them reconnect with their Orange County fan base. It also affords the team ample space at a school that doesn’t have a football team, and therefore does not present summer scheduling conflicts.

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