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KCET, SoCal Connected, July 18, 2017
Super Soil: This Could Be the Healthiest Farm in California
I visited UCI’s Arboretum. That’s where I met Steven Allison, a professor of Earth system science.  “A way we can prevent runaway climate change is to store more of that carbon in the soil. Smarter soil management should be a priority in the multiple benefits it can have for society, farmers and climate advocates.  That should be the goal in farming.  Now that we have this knowledge, that should be the future in farming in our country and more broadly in the world.” [starts at 4:45]

WalletHub, July 19, 2017
2017’s States with the Most At-Risk Youth
Idleness and social disconnection are among the biggest problems for at-risk youths today. For advice on overcoming such challenges, we asked a panel of experts to share their thoughts on the following key questions … Jessie Borelli, associate professor in the department of psychology and social behavior at UCI, [answered]: “Parents who find themselves in this situation often feel helpless and desperate, which are awful feelings. And they may react by becoming punitive or by shaming the teen, which typically only worsens the situation.”

Inside Higher Ed, July 19, 2017
More Than Fun?
Used in conjunction with a textbook and traditional lectures, the games are “like a lab experience,” said Kurt Squire, a professor of informatics at the University of California, Irvine, who helped design the astronomy video game At Play in the Cosmos when he was with the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Bloomberg, July 19, 2017
Bank CDS and a Strip-Club Hedge Fund
Elsewhere in bank capital structures, here are a blog post and related article by David Min of the University of California, Irvine, arguing that “the synchronization of corporate governance and financial institution governance is largely the result of historical happenstance, rather than an intentional policy decision.” That is: People tend to think that public companies are owned by their shareholders, and that corporate directors and officers have a fiduciary duty to maximize shareholder profits.

KCRW, July 18, 2017
Fake news microtargeting now part of Russia investigation
Among the many questions is whether the Trump campaign’s digital operation, run by son-in-law Jared Kushner, guided the hand of Russia’s internet masters of propaganda. Guests: … Rick Hasen, University of California, Irvine …. [starts at 4:17]

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