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60 Minutes, July 9, 2017
Can Alzheimer’s be prevented? A family may hold the key
But Dr. Claudia Kawas, a leading Alzheimer’s researcher and clinician at the University of California Irvine, says she’s frustrated that she can’t offer her patients any hope. Claudia Kawas: “I have to say I’ve been doing this now for a third of a century. And when I started, I just never would have believed we would still not be closer than we are now to making a real difference. It has been a little disappointing”. It hasn’t been for lack of trying. Kawas gave us a quick primer on the tell-tale signs of Alzheimer’s in the brain after autopsy.

KPCC, July 6, 2017
University of California opening more seats for in-state students
UC Irvine said nearly half of the admit offers for freshmen and community college transfer students are to students who are the first in their families to go to college. The campus wants to “be an engine of social mobility for students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds or from underrepresented groups,” said UC Irvine spokesman Tom Vasich.

Orange County Register, July 7, 2017
This UCI scientist turned to fungi for answers on climate change – here’s what they had to say
So, with the earth getting hotter, how do humans adapt? And where on earth (literally) should we focus efforts toward staving off the coming changes? For answers, UC Irvine scientist Kathleen Treseder turns to an unexpected source: Fungi. Treseder, an ecology professor who specializes in global warming, is a leader in an emerging area of study, one that looks at the role played by soil and its related components — including mushrooms and other fungi — when it comes to keeping carbon out of the atmosphere.

NPR, July 9, 2017
What States Can And Can’t Do With Voter Data
A Martinez talks to Richard Hasen, a law professor at UC Irvine, about the individual rights of states to give out voter information after a Trump commission requested voter data.

Orange County Register, July 7, 2017
There’s now an ‘Overwatch’ scholarship for members of UCI’s fall eSports team
[Mark] Deppe said UCI eSports is the only collegiate video gaming program in the country that’s self-sustaining. The program relies on revenues from sponsorship and a gaming cafe on campus. “We are a very good school to go to if you want to get a career in that field,” he said.

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