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Deutscher Bundestag, Jan. 27, 2016
Remembrance of the victims of National Socialism
UCI Professor Emerita of German Ruth Kluger addressed the German parliament as the principal speaker for their version of Holocaust Remembrance Day …. She spoke on forced labor during the Nazi regime and concluded with an appreciation of Germany’s welcoming of Syrian and other refugees ….

Foreign Affairs, Jan. 26, 2016
Hong Kong and the disappearing booksellers: The port city’s clock runs down
Jeffrey Wasserstrom  [UCI Chancellor’s Professor of history writes]: It is hard to know how far back into the past we need to go to put the latest Hong Kong headlines into perspective. … In short, the path to understanding 2016 runs through 1997 and 2012.

Education Week, Jan. 26, 2016
Studies explore reasons for ‘fade-out’ effect
Greg Duncan, Distinguished Professor of education at UC Irvine, said educators may be able to give sustained benefits by targeting students in extremely deprived environments, such as supporting emotional self-regulation for teenagers in violent neighborhoods or households. … “It’s all about being in the right place at the right time with the right kind of intervention to prevent bad things from happening to kids,” Duncan said.

The New York Times, Jan. 26, 2016
Radically revise campaign laws to give people, not billionaires, a voice
Richard L. Hasen
, professor at UC Irvine School of Law, [writes]: It’s not a new story: Some Americans are looking to the super wealthy to get us out of a political jam. This time, it might be billionaire Michael Bloomberg supposedly saving the country from a Donald Trump-Bernie Sanders race that could leave many voters without an acceptable alternative.

Daily Pilot, Jan. 22, 2016
New generation inherits women’s equality fight
“We are in a world where women are still vastly underrated,” said Tamara Austin, director of Women and Gender Initiatives at UC Irvine. … “It’s not enough to tell our kids ‘You can be whatever you want to be,'” Austin said. “As barriers come up, and they will, we need to attack them piece by piece. We have to figure out how we help women find their own empowerment.”

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