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The New York Times, Jan. 13, 2016
Research doesn’t back a link between migrants and crime in U.S.
Mr. Ewing collaborated with Rubén G. Rumbaut, a sociology professor at the University of California, Irvine, and Daniel E. Martinez, an assistant sociology professor at George Washington University, on a study released this past July that used census data, F.B.I. data and other statistical data to rebut stereotypes about immigrants. … “An immigrant does not come here to commit crimes and get on welfare,” Mr. Rumbaut said. “They come here to work harder than native-born people do.”

Daily Pilot, Jan. 14, 2016
L.A. to San Francisco in an hour? UCI’s team wants to win Space X’s Hyperloop Pod contest
That’s the goal for members of the HyperXite team at UC Irvine as they finalize their designs for a pod that would speed through a tube at more than 700 mph, levitated by compressed air. … Students Patricio Guerrero, Juliana Andrews, Jacob Gantz and [Anthony] Cirillo heard of the opportunity from a professor of theirs in UCI’s Henry Samueli School of Engineering.

VICE, Dec. 2, 2015
The hidden impacts of climate change
Warmer temperatures and rising seas are already changing the environment. But what sort of impact will these changes have on humans, plants, and animals? VICE News met [UCI alumni] Shyla Raghav, a UN delegate for the Maldives, an island nation threatened by rising sea levels, to discuss the issue.

National Constitution Center, Jan. 14, 2016
Podcast: Public unions and free speech
Catherine Fisk of the University of California, Irvine and David Forte of Cleveland State University break down the constitutional issues in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association and predict how the Court will rule.

Tampa Bay Times, Jan. 13, 2016
Supreme Court decision likely to lead to fewer death penalty verdicts, experts say
“That’ll just up the degree to which the jurors will feel some sense of responsibility for their decision,” said Mona Lynch, a criminology professor at the University of California, Irvine. Lynch, who has studied how juries reach decisions in capital cases, said that in states like Florida and Alabama where juries give advisory verdicts, there tends to be a “diffusion of responsibility.”

Books Combined, Jan. 4, 2016
Persia is My Heart
Roxanne Varzi, associate professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of California, Irvine [writes]:  My mother used to say that I wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for a book my aunt suggested she read back in 1965. My aunt at the time was in Afghanistan where my uncle was a U.S. diplomat. The book, Persia is My Heart, … a story that especially appealed to my mother, who had her own difficulties as a female chemist in 1960s America. My mother read the book, applied for a Fulbright to Iran, married an Iranian and soon after I entered the world.

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