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Orange County Register, Jan. 12, 2016
UCI nursing will benefit from record $40 million gift
A $40 million gift to UC Irvine from Pimco founder Bill Gross – the biggest individual donation in school history – will be used to expand UCI’s nursing program during a time when skilled nurses will be in short supply. … A year ago, nursejournal.org ranked UCI’s Nursing Science program as one of the top 10 programs of its type in the Western United States.

Yahoo! Finance, Jan. 12, 2016
Sue and Bill Gross commit $40 million to establish nursing school
The William and Sue Gross Family Foundation has committed $40 million to the University of California, Irvine to establish a nursing school and assist in the construction of a new building to house it.

CNN, Jan. 12, 2016
Chicago lockup claims: Handcuffed to walls, abused and kept from lawyers
That means less than 1 percent of those arrested in Chicago in 2013 had a lawyer while in police custody. A University of California, Irvine Law Review study recently included that detail and furthermore found that in Chicago “arrestees can be detained without a lawyer for a maximum of three days.” Illinois law only stipulates a person is entitled to communicate with an attorney “within a reasonable time” after an arrest.

Reuters, Jan. 13, 2016
Iran central bank takes Beirut bombing case to U.S. Supreme Court
The unity shown by the White House and Congress might normally carry significant weight with the justices, said Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of the University of California, Irvine School of Law. But because the case raises a question of the relationship between Congress and the courts, it could have “less effect than in other contexts,” he said.

The New York Times, Jan. 12, 2016
Board for Ferguson schools is accused of racial bias
Courts have not definitively ruled whether a violation of Section 2 is possible in places where blacks might not be in the minority, said Richard L. Hasen, a professor of law and political science at the University of California, Irvine.

CNBC, Jan. 12, 2016
Gross Foundation donates $40M to University of California, Irvine
The William and Sue Gross Foundation donated $40 million to the University of California, Irvine to establish a nursing school. It is the largest single gift ever to the university. Overall, that foundation has donated nearly $800 million to various causes.

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