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Associated Press, Jan. 9, 2019
AP Fact Check: Trump and the disputed border crisis
Multiple studies from social scientists and the libertarian think tank Cato Institute have found that people here illegally are less likely to commit crime than U.S. citizens, and legal immigrants are even less likely to do so. … And Ruben Rumbaut, a University of California, Irvine sociology professor, co-authored a recent study that noted crime rates fell sharply from 1990 to 2015 at a time when illegal immigration spiked.

Quanta Magazine, Jan. 9, 2019
Missing Galaxies? Now There’s Too Many
“There’s this perception now that there is this whole population of very tiny galaxies lurking out there — but we can’t see them,” said James Bullock, an astronomer at the University of California, Irvine. “They’re these little ghost galaxies.”…. Not only do the numbers of simulated mini-halos match the numbers that are predicted by observations, but the shapes of the galaxies’ orbits even look like the ones we have already detected. “I thought I messed up when I made that plot and they matched up so closely,” said Tyler Kelley, a graduate student at Irvine who led the study.

Inside Higher Ed, Jan 9, 2019
Retirees to Embrace Campus Life
As Americans’ life spans increase and people stay healthier longer, universities need to adapt, said [Rovy] Branon, who described the challenges and opportunities of the “60-year curriculum” — a concept coined by Gary Matkin, dean of the Division of Continuing Education at the University of California, Irvine, which describes a continuous learning program from high school to retirement — in an op-ed column he wrote for Inside Higher Ed in November.

Minnesota Public Radio, Jan. 8, 2019 (Audio)
Living with a criminal record
You don’t have to be convicted of a crime to feel the repercussions. Even an arrest for a petty misdemeanor can impact future employment, housing and even student loans. … What is it like to live with a criminal record? Kerri Miller talked to two experts to gain a better understanding of how a criminal record impact different areas of life. … Alexandra Natapoff Former public defender, law professor at UC Irvine, and author of “Punishment Without Crime”.

Men’s Health, Jan. 9, 2019
How Science May Be Able To Heal Your Wounds Without Any Scars
The findings show we have a window of opportunity after wounding to influence the tissue to regenerate rather than scar,” said the study’s lead author Maksim Plikus, PhD, an assistant professor of Developmental and Cell Biology at the University of California, Irvine.

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