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The Wall Street Journal, Dec. 28, 2017
An Open-Office Survival Plan
The problem is, for many of us, open offices can make it challenging to get anything done; every passing hour brings as many unexpected sights, sounds and smells as a mid-sized circus. Such chaos makes focusing a feat, said Gloria Mark, a professor in the informatics department at the University of California, Irvine. Her research shows that workers in open offices are interrupted much more frequently than at places where they can find peace behind shut doors.

The New York Times, Jan. 3, 2018
Trump Disbands Commission on Voter Fraud
Richard L. Hasen, a law professor and election law scholar at the University of California, Irvine, was sharply critical of the commission in a blog post. “The commission was poorly organized and conceived,” he wrote.

Los Angeles Times, Dec. 21, 2017
Can pot blunt the opioid epidemic? We don’t know because the federal government blocks research.
UCI professors Daniele Piomelli and Bob Solomon write, “An epidemic of opioid abuse is ravaging the United States and, as we look for ways to respond to it, some see cannabis as part of the solution, while others see it as part of the problem. This is just one area in which unbiased scientific research is necessary, but outdated federal legislation … is blocking all meaningful efforts to understand the real benefits and risks of the plant.”

Orange County Register, Jan. 1, 2018
O.C. mother and child share a New Year’s Day distinction – their birthday
“We felt he could come out before midnight,” said Vo. She is in a position to know such things. She is a physician specializing in family medicine at UC Irvine Medical Center in Orange.

Daily Pilot, Dec. 28, 2017
On Theater: Eli Simon and Nicole Cassesso share 2017 honors
Eli Simon is a Chancellor’s Professor of acting at UCI, where he chaired the drama department for five years and spent another 11 years as head of acting. Since 2012, he has overseen the New Swan festival and directed one of the two shows presented each summer.

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