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Barron’s, Jan. 20, 2018
The Perks of Overpricing
“Most people think overvaluation does damage to the economy by creating bubbles and crashes,” says Ming Dong, a finance professor at Toronto’s York University, who wrote the working paper with University of California, Irvine professors David Hirshleifer and Siew Hong Teoh. “We show a bright side of overvaluation,” says Dong. [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to communications@uci.edu.]

Symmetry, Jan. 23, 2018
Neural networks for neutrinos
“All these big physics experiments are really very similar at the machine learning level,” says Pierre Baldi, a computer scientist at the University of California, Irvine. “It’s all images associated with these complex, very expensive detectors, and deep learning is the best method for extracting signal against some background noise.”

Sierra Magazine, Jan. 24, 2018
Save the Seaweed
[Nyssa] Silbiger, a postdoc at UC Irvine when she began the study, had received a tip that GoWesty, a Southern California–based camper van supplier, sometimes loaned vans out to traveling musicians. She joined forces with Piper Wallingford, a UC Irvine PhD student who was studying how climate change was affecting predator-prey interactions, and drafted a letter. “We just wrote to them out of the blue,” Silbiger says. “We said, ‘We’re women in the sciences, studying climate change.’ And they donated a camper to us for two months to complete our research.”

Orange County Register, Jan. 23, 2018
Irvine is ranked the Number 1 city in the nation for good fiscal health, report says
Mark Petracca, political science professor at UC Irvine, is skeptical of the whole exercise. “Our inclination is to view a ‘deficit’ as a bad … and a ‘surplus’ as good,” Petracca said. “But why should any city have a surplus, beyond what might be appropriate and necessary as part of a ‘rainy day’ fund?  So, some residents in Irvine, Stockton, and Fresno might appropriately want to know … when they’ll be receiving their municipal refund check.”

Artsy, Jan. 23, 2018
This New Magazine Is Giving a Voice to Creators of Color
When [Micah] Pegues returned to her freshman year of school after the break, she began reaching out widely to potential collaborators, and received an enthusiastic response. A cohort of friends and fellow college students across the United States soon emerged: Celeste Scott … and Theresa Tran at University of California, Irvine (who now works at digital media company Girlgaze).

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