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TIME, Feb. 8, 2016
People are more likely to give false confessions if they’re sleep deprived
“It’s the hardest thing for people to really believe, but people admit to all kinds of horrendous things,” says Elizabeth Loftus, an expert on false memories and professor … University of California, Irvine. (Loftus is also one of the study’s co-authors.) “In this case, if an experimenter wrote a report that says, ‘I saw them do it,’ they may actually get persuaded that they did, and that they have to sign this statement.”

WNYC, Feb. 9, 2016
Priorities collide at a high-performing NJ school district
Jennifer Lee, professor of sociology at the University of California, Irvine, and author of The Asian American Achievement Paradox … who has studied many Asian American communities like this one near Princeton, provides context for the different ways white and Asian American parents expect their children to deal with serious academic pressure.

Orange County Register, Feb. 10, 2016
Hindu group willing to loosen grip on UCI donations
A review of major donor agreements with UC Irvine suggests that the level of control sought by the controversial Dharma Civilization Foundation – in exchange for gifts of $3 million – is greater than that sought by other big donors with names like Samueli, Merage, Beckman and Bren.

WNYC, Feb. 10, 2016
What we learned when 25,000 people tried to fight information overload
On this week’s show, we’ve invited Professors Gloria Mark of the University of California, Irvine (you might remember her from the first day of challenges and the infamous 23 minutes + 15 seconds to refocus rule) and Calvin Newport … to help us put your Infomagical responses into a larger context of academic and industry studies.

Inverse, Feb. 1, 2016
What we know about the people who can remember everything
Researchers at UC Irvine, who have spearheaded research in this field, think this strange gift can be chalked up to two factors they call “fantasy proneness” and “absorption,” two psychological measures in which people with HSAM score highly.

Daily Pilot, Feb. 9, 2016
The art is alive at UC Irvine exhibit
The new exhibit at UC Irvine‘s Beall Center for Art + Technology is a place where art has come to life – literally. … “This was the first time that our lab has worked with artists,” said Elliot Hui, a UCI associate professor who worked with Domnitch and Gelfand in the Hui Lab for biological microtechnology. “Art can definitely help communicate scientific concepts, but in a more beautiful and relatable way.”

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