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Los Angeles Times, Feb. 5, 2020
UC freshmen applications dip for a second straight year. But why?
But UC Irvine was the top choice for California applicants — 92,644 overall — and for students who are low-income, the first in their families to attend college, Latinos and Asian Americans. “These outstanding numbers are a testament to our success in advancing our mission,” UCI Chancellor Howard Gillman said in a statement. “We exist to provide the best education possible to the people of our state, regardless of their circumstances.” [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to communications@uci.edu.]

Associated Press, Feb. 4, 2020
Online conspiracy theories flourish after Iowa caucus fiasco
“Democracy depends on the losers accepting election results,” said University of California, Irvine, professor Richard Hasen, whose book “Election Meltdown” was published Tuesday in what he said was an ominous coincidence. “Now we’re starting off the election season with seeds of doubt, which is terrible.”

The Guardian, Feb. 5, 2020
China’s response to coronavirus exposes a dangerous obsession with secrecy
Jeffrey Wasserstrom [Chancellor’s Professor of history] … at UC Irvine, writes, “The WHO has praised China’s response to coronavirus for setting a “new global standard” for epidemic control. On closer inspection, China’s response should give us serious pause. Although the country is keen to show the world that it has progressed since Sars, it’s difficult to tell whether drastic containment – such as quarantining entire cities – would have been necessary had the party disclosed information about the virus more quickly.”

CNN, Feb. 5, 2020
Dead monster galaxy found lurking in the distant universe
An ultramassive monster galaxy dating back to the early days of the universe lived fast and died young, astronomers say in a new study. … “Perhaps during the following 11.7 billion years of cosmic history, XMM-2599 will become the central member of one of the brightest and most massive clusters of galaxies in the local universe,” said [Professor] Michael Cooper, study co-author at the University of California, Irvine. “Alternatively, it could continue to exist in isolation. Or we could have a scenario that lies between these two outcomes.”

Spectrum News 1, Feb. 4, 2020 (Video)
UC Irvine Class All About Disneyland Brings Magic to Lecture Hall
Roland Betancourt is the professor who came up with the idea for the [Disneyland] class. He says the Matterhorn is a fun ride, but while he is riding he is actually doing research. Betancourt has hopped on the rollercoaster tons of times to gather material for the Disneyland class he will be teaching later this spring at University of California Irvine. … Less exciting but Betancourt says just as important, the research he has done at the UCI Libraries Special Collections and Archives. … The class beginning March 31, 2020 will fulfill two graduation requirements including arts and humanities, and science and technology.

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