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CBS News (AP), Feb. 22, 2018
“Superagers” give clues to improving memory
At the University of California, Irvine, Dr. Claudia Kawas studies the oldest-old, people 90 and above. Some have Alzheimer’s. Some have maintained excellent memory and some are in between. About 40 percent of the oldest-old who showed no symptoms of dementia in life nonetheless have full-fledged signs of Alzheimer’s disease in their brains at death, Kawas told the AAAS meeting.

YaleNews, Feb. 23, 2018
Panel to explore free speech, hate speech, inclusivity at colleges today
Yale University will host a panel on “Free Speech” on Friday, March 2 looking at the issues of balance between free speech and inclusivity on college and university campuses. Panelists will include Erwin Chemerinsky and Howard Gillman, authors of “Free Speech on Campus,” among other works …  Howard Gillman is chancellor of University of California-Irvine award-winning scholar and professor who focuses on the American Constitution and the Supreme Court.

MIT News, Feb. 22, 2018
Urban heat island effects depend on a city’s layout
The study, published today in the journal Physical Review Letters, found these differences in city patterns, which they call “texture,” was the most important determinant of a city’s heat island effect. The research was carried out by … M.J. Abdolhosseini Qomi, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of California at Irvine.

Reader’s Digest, Feb. 22, 2018
8 Brain Cancer Symptoms You Should Never Ignore
“Patients suffering from a brain tumor may develop depressionanger or anxiety, even if they don’t commonly exhibit these types of emotions,” says Sumeet Vadera, M.D., neurosurgeon at University of California Irvine. “This is related to tumor irritation or compression of portions of the frontal lobe, which is responsible for many of our personality traits.”

Daily Pilot, Feb. 22, 2018
Historical barn and yurt at UC Irvine reflect local legacy of famed theater director Jerzy Grotowski
Before theater director Jerzy Grotowski became a UC Irvine professor, he made an unusual request. “I said, ‘I can hire you full-time with perks,'” said Robert Cohen, the founding chair of the school’s drama department, recounting the conversation. “He said, ‘Well, what I really want is a barn.'” [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to communications@uci.edu.]

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