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KCBS, Feb. 1, 2022 (Video)
In-Person Classes Resume At UCLA, UC Irvine
In-person classes resumed Monday for students at UCLA and UC Irvine. As of Monday morning, 99% of UC Irvine students and 96% of staff are vaccinated. Gillian Hayes, UCI graduate division dean said, “What we saw in the last month is a pretty consistent pattern of we are over the omicron crest and things are really decreasing, which gave us some greater confidence.” … [For students concerned about in person classes, Gillian said], “Reach out to your instructional staff and see what we can work out. We want to accommodate everyone with the balance of what we can accomplish within the university and what our instructional staff can actually handle.”

The Washington Post, Feb. 1, 2022
Lunar New Year would become the 12th federal holiday under a bill before Congress
Lunar New Year celebrations, while rooted in tradition and culture, have also been important for Asian Americans for economic and political reasons, said Judy Tzu-Chun Wu, a professor of Asian American studies at the University of California, Irvine. “Part of it was commercial: Chinatowns were really urban slums, because Asians weren’t allowed to live other places and the Chinese American community needed an economic lifeline,” Wu said. [Subscription required, campus-wide access provided by UCI Libraries. Sign-up here: https://guides.lib.uci.edu/news/post]

Spectrum News 1 (City News Service), Feb. 1, 2022
Orange County’s COVID hospitalizations, infections continue downward trend
Dr. Jennifer Jolley, an OB/GYN from UCI Health, said a recent study out of Scotland showed that unvaccinated pregnant moms are more likely to require hospitalization when infected with COVID-19 …. “But this recent study shows that the vaccines are safe, she said. We really want to continue on the mission of helping families understand that COVID causes more severe disease in pregnancy,” she said. “Women are more likely to die and more likely to be on a ventilator and more likely to have severe symptoms carrying a fetus if they get infected.”

WalletHub, Feb. 2, 2022
Ask the Experts: What’s the Deal with Credit Card Deals?
What does the value of credit card sign-up bonuses tell us about the economy? “It suggests that credit card companies are looking to expand their customer base and are having challenges doing so. During the pandemic, with extra funds flowing to consumers who often used them to pay off credit card debt or build up savings, consumers are less motivated to take out new credit cards and need a reason to do so,” [said] Mary C. Gilly, UCI professor emerita of marketing.

Voice of OC, Jan. 30, 2022 (Opinion)
Opinion: Wu: Investing in Santa Ana’s Future Requires A Comprehensive Plan to Improve Air Quality
Jun Wu, Ph.D., UCI professor of public health writes, “Exposure to air pollution and their related adverse health outcomes are inequitably distributed in low-income communities of color. … an unpublished UC Irvine study based on a Master’s thesis project found that the likelihood of having an asthma diagnosis increased by 20% for children living closest to the industrial zone compared to those who lived farther away from the industrial zone, indicating that industrial zone may be an important contributor to children’s asthma.”

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