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The Washington Post, Dec. 8, 2015
How hostile are Trump supporters toward Muslims? This new poll will tell you.
Michael Tesler is assistant professor of political science at UC Irvine. … For this reason, Trump’s call to end Islamic immigration is unlikely to offend his strongest supporters. Indeed, over half of Trump primary supporters already thought Muslims posed an immediate threat to the United States and that a majority of Muslims worldwide support the Islamic State – and this was even before the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

Fortune, Dec. 8, 2015
The hottest new MBA is not an MBA at all
In fact, once you get down into the lower half of the top 50 B-schools, you’ll find a program for just about any career direction, from biotechnology management at the UC Irvine Merage School, to global real estate at the Wisconsin School of Business, to sport management at SMU’s Cox School, to government contracts at George Washington University.

Health, Dec. 8, 2015
3-D video games may boost brainpower, study finds
Video games may be a nice, viable route,” study co-author Craig Stark, from the Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory at the University of California, Irvine, said in a university news release.

Orange County Register, Dec. 9, 2015
Being on the spectrum isn’t holding back Costa Mesa man
Dr. Jay Gargus, director of the Center for Autism Research and Translation at UC Irvine, viewed a video of Kenslow demonstrating his talents. “Matthew is unbelievable – amazing,” Gargus said. “It’s mind-boggling. You are amazed that someone can do these kind of things. I can’t explain it. You’re hard-pressed to say that (autism) is just a disability.”

Southern California Public Radio, Dec. 8, 2015
Can drinking too much green tea make you less fertile?
According to recent study out of UC Irvine too much green tea can hurt development and reproduction … at least in fruit flies. Mahtab Jafari  is an associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences at UC Irvine and she joins A Martinez to talk about why this result matters for people who drink green tea and just how much green tea could be too much.

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