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Fox News, Dec. 8, 2016
Terrified by Trump: Activist groups stoke fears, raise funds on incoming administration
Louis DeSipio, a political science professor at the University of California, Irvine, said that the patchwork efforts to organize against Trump and his expected policies reflect an already-divided nation. … DeSipio said: “There will always be people who are unhappy about an election. … The challenge for any president in this situation is to build bridges to some of his former opponents.”

Ars Technica, Dec. 8, 2016
Every U.S. taxpayer has effectively paid Apple at least $6 in recent years
Omri Marian, a tax law professor at the University of California, Irvine told Ars that this strange bond arrangement had been around for decades. “Basically the U.S. government is borrowing the offshore money, on which no tax was paid to the U.S. (theoretically at 35 percent),” he e-mailed. “So the U.S. government is ending up paying interest on borrowing money in which it theoretically has a 35 percent ownership interest.”

STAT, Dec. 9, 2016
Trump win could boost movement to confer ‘personhood’ on fertilized eggs
The mainstream anti-abortion movement has scored victories in recent years with state laws that limit access by shutting down clinics or imposing waiting periods before women can terminate a pregnancy. “What they’ve done successfully is fight where they can win,” said Michele Goodwin, a reproductive health law scholar at the University of California, Irvine.

Orange County Register, Dec. 9, 2016
Data and collaboration to end homelessness
[UC Irvine Distinguished Professor David Snow, Assistant Professor Rachel Goldberg and others, write]: This endeavor also reflects a critically important strategy to end homelessness: collaboration. Indeed, the study is a true partnership funded largely by Orange County United Way and implemented by the University of California, Irvine’s Department of Sociology.

Daily Pilot, Dec. 8, 2016
Around Town: UCI to start construction on new classroom building
UC Irvine will begin construction this month on a high-tech classroom facility to be named the Anteater Learning Pavilion, with plans to open it by spring 2018. The facility, consisting of an elliptical two-story structure and a three-story building, will be built next to Steinhaus Hall on campus.

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