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The Washington Post, Dec. 4, 2020
As the pandemic tears through California, some counties begin shutdowns
Andrew Noymer, an epidemiologist at the University of California, Irvine, pointed out that many people simply refuse to believe the pandemic is a serious public health crisis and are ignoring the mandates on wearing masks and social distancing. “There’s a lot of people who are actively defying the public health orders. They think it’s a hoax,” Noymer said. “There’s a part of the country that’s treating the pandemic as though it’s a conspiracy theory foisted on them.” [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to communications@uci.edu.]

Scientific American, Dec. 7, 2020
Undocumented Immigrants Are Half as Likely to Be Arrested for Violent Crimes as U.S.-Born Citizens
Charis E. Kubrin, a professor of criminology, law and society at the University of California, Irvine, who was not involved in the research, describes the paper as “completely groundbreaking.” It’s “another nail in the coffin of what we know about the link between immigration and crime,” she says. … Although questions on many aspects of the issue remain, what is clear is that the new findings add to a robust body of literature suggesting that undocumented immigrants are not, in fact, criminals. “It’s rare in the social sciences to get such consistent findings,” Kubrin says. “It’s really breathtaking.”

Science, Dec. 8, 2020
Human-sparked wildfires are more destructive than those caused by nature
Human-sparked fires always seemed more extreme, says Stijn Hantson, a fire ecologist at the University of California, Irvine, who led the new research.  … “These human-caused fires have a disproportionate impact on the ecosystem,” he says. “And though the ecosystem is fire-adapted, it’s not adapted for 80% of trees to die, like we’re seeing with some of these really intense fires.”

CalMatters, Dec. 4, 2020
As cases rise, college students take COVID-19 prevention into their own hands
To that end, a few campuses have given students jobs as campus safety ambassadors, helping to enforce coronavirus guidelines. UC Irvine’s team of 200 ambassadors post social media messages about handwashing and physical distancing, hand out masks, and remind their peers to do daily symptom checks.

Literary Hub, Dec. 8, 2020 (Audio)
Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o on the Time He Met Langston Hughes (and More)
Paul Holdengräber is joined by writer Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o, UCI Distinguished Professor of English and Comparative Literature …. A celebrated author of novels, plays, essays, and more …. In a thoughtful and wide-reaching conversation, he and Paul dig into questions of the oral tradition of literature, the value of multilingualism, and how colonizing powers leverage language and memory to suppress the colonized.

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