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MSNBC, Dec. 4, 2021 (Video)
Weakening of Roe could threaten other constitutional protected rights
The Supreme Court’s willingness to potentially weaken Roe v. Wade could trickle down to other areas of the law. MSNBC Legal Analyst Maya Wiley and Michele Goodwin, [Chancellor’s] Professor of Law at University of California, Irvine joined American Voices with Alicia Menendez to discuss how a Mississippi abortion case could transform the country.

The Wall Street Journal, Dec. 5, 2021
Climate Change Data Deluge Has Scientists Scrambling for Solutions
Scientists say AI tools may be able to detect subtle patterns in the data, such as hurricane intensity or ocean eddies, that elude detection by humans. … “Situations of overwhelming complexity and absurd amounts of data are a sweet spot for AI,” says Michael Pritchard, principal investigator at the computational clouds and climate laboratory [and associate professor of Earth system sciences] at the University of California, Irvine. “We are drowning in data and it is not always clear how to use it.” [Subscription required, campus-wide access provided by UCI Libraries. Sign-up here: https://guides.lib.uci.edu/news/wsj]

Good Housekeeping, Dec. 4, 2021
A Timeline of How Long Vaccine Boosters Take to Build Immunity, According to Experts
“Detectable antibodies peak around two to three months after full immunization, and then begin to wane thereafter,” explains Shruti Gohil, M.D., associate medical director of epidemiology and infection prevention as well an [assistant] professor at the UCI School of Medicine. … Additional doses of the vaccine, then, will “revive your circulating antibody population sufficient to reduce your risk of infection,” Dr. Gohil adds.

The Atlantic, Dec. 6, 2021
Trump’s next coup has already begun
“The democratic emergency is already here,” Richard L. Hasen, a [Chancellor’s] Professor of law and political science at UC Irvine, told me in late October. Hasen prides himself on a judicious temperament. Only a year ago he was cautioning me against hyperbole. Now he speaks matter-of-factly about the death of our body politic. “We face a serious risk that American democracy as we know it will come to an end in 2024,” he said, “but urgent action is not happening.”

USA Today, Dec. 5, 2021
Better research into Instagram, WhatsApp effects on young users needed, academics say
In a letter to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, a group of influential academics says the company should allow for better research into how its social media platforms are affecting young users. … Regardless, it’s important to know how social media can lead to depression, anxiety and other issues for children, teens and young adults, said Candice Odgers, professor of psychological science at the University of California, Irvine, and one of the letter’s authors. If Meta is serious about knowing “whether their platform is harming adolescents’ mental health, then the same standards of care, rigor, and transparency we demand in mental health research need to be met by these companies,” she said.

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