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HuffPost, Dec. 15, 2021
What Are The Differences Between The Omicron And Delta COVID Variants?
“Omicron will displace delta as the dominant variant, just as delta replaced alpha. I think that’s pretty certain,” said Andrew Noymer,  University of California, Irvine [associate professor of public health and] epidemiologist …. “I have no doubt omicron is more transmissible than delta,” Noymer said.

KCBS, Dec. 15, 2021 (Video)
Federal Charges Filed Against 3 Companies For OC Oil Spill
UC Irvine’s Alejandro Camacho, [Chancellor’s Professor], is an expert in an environmental law. “It seems the federal government, along with the state, is taking these activities seriously. They brought a federal grand jury case against three companies suggesting that they acted in a way that harmed the public, public health and the environment. There has been no doubt there has been significant harm to the public along the coast.

DISCOVER Magazine, Dec. 15, 2021
Understanding Why Certain Memories Flood Back (And Others Don’t)
As memories form, the hippocampi sort information based on the five senses and send it to the prefrontal areas for storage. “When new information comes into our brain to memorize, they are the librarians. They sort the information to the specific shelf,” says Kei M. Igarashi, an assistant professor of anatomy and neurobiology at the University of California, Irvine. …   Igarashi’s research focuses on memories associated with smell ….

Becker’s Hospital Review, Dec. 15, 2021
20 hospital execs’ most thought-provoking quotes on health IT in 2021
Tom Andriola. Vice Chancellor of IT and Data at University of California Irvine: “The availability of technology is opening people’s minds on how we might deliver services differently, consider a more patient-centric experience, and discuss where this type of care is appropriate and where not. Technology is the enabler, but clinicians and caregivers will always be in the lead.”

KPCC – Air Talk, Dec. 15, 2021 (Audio)
The Term “Latinx” And Why Latinos Have Mixed Feelings About It
Today on AirTalk, Larry breaks down the discourse with G. Cristina Mora and University of California, Irvine associate professor of Chicano/Latino studies Héctor Tobar to better understand why the Latino diaspora struggles to reach a consensus term for their race.

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