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The Guardian, Aug. 31, 2015
Mummies know best: The pharaohs giving up their secrets about heart disease
[Greg] Thomas, a professor at the University of California, Irvine and Allam discussed how they could find out more about Merneptah’s arteries. They theorized that any arterial plaques might still be visible on a CT scan, a computerized x-ray technology that produces 3D images.

Orange County Register, Aug. 28, 2015
Trump’s support on immigration may prove thin
Peter Ditto, a psychologist who studies political behavior at UC Irvine, pointed out that Trump has emerged unscathed by statements that would damage most candidates …. “Trump’s supporters like people who are big and bold,” Ditto said. “Donald Trump is the embodiment of that self-aggrandizing approach, which appeals to a lot of people. He’s selling it and he knows what the public wants.”

Los Angeles Times, Aug. 30, 2015
40 years after Saigon’s fall, O.C. exhibit tells Vietnamese Americans’ stories
The exhibit at Santa Ana’s Old Orange County Courthouse took eight months to assemble, with UC Irvine co-curators Linda Vo and Tram Le and Thuy Vo-Dang, with the university’s Southeast Asian Archive, combing through thousands of photographs.

The Huffington Post, Aug. 31, 2015
The intriguing politics of Asian food
Yong Chen, a professor of history at the University of California, Irvine, has tackled the daunting task of charting the story of Chinese food in America. The title of his book, Chop Suey, USA, hints at the argument that unfolds in his research.

Wine Spectator, Aug. 27, 2015
Looking for authentic wine in the Angel’s share
A team of researchers at UC Irvine believes they have developed a valuable new tool in the battle against counterfeit wines …. Dr. Simon Fahrni and Dr. Benjamin Fuller are researchers in UC Irvine’s Earth system science department. They also enjoy wine.