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Orange Coast Magazine, Sept. 2018
A Peek at the Future of Art
[Stephen] Barker is the executive director of UC Irvine’s newly formed Institute and Museum for California Art, or IMCA, a $100 million research facility that aims to bring together every department in the school. He’s also overseeing the Buck Collection, 3,500 pieces of 20th-century California art gifted to the school in 2017, that’s been valued from $30 million to $40 million. “You’re going to see stuff you didn’t even know existed,” he says. [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to communications@uci.edu.]

Gizmodo, Aug. 28, 2018
The Dirtiest Fight in Physics Is About the Universe Itsel
Simona Murgia, physicist at the University of California, Irvine, helped plan the dark matter conference where physicists discussed many of these ideas, including modified gravity. … Murgia felt it was important to give modified gravity researchers a seat at the table. “We should be open and listening because these [modified gravity] people are pretty good scientists and I can’t personally rule out what they’re saying,” she said. “But what they’re saying isn’t yet the full story, and I think they’d probably agree.”

The Washington Post, Aug. 27, 2018
North Carolina’s gerrymandered map is unconstitutional, judges rule, and may have to be redrawn before midterms
Richard Hasen, an election law expert at the University of California at Irvine, said the case has national implications. “If the lower court orders new districts for 2018, and the Supreme Court deadlocks 4-4 on an emergency request to overturn that order, we could have new districts for 2018 only, and that could help Democrats retake control of the U.S. House,” he wrote on his blog. [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to communications@uci.edu.]

Bad Astronomy, Aug. 27, 2018
BAN #39: Following Sophia, India’s crew, Talking exoplanets in Pennsylvania
I met Sophia Nasr when I was giving a talk in Canada, and she’s one of those people who you just immediately know has a big future ahead. She was an undergrad at the time, and went on to study dark matter before she even had her degree. Now she’s working toward her PhD at UC Irvine, investigating dark matter in terms of particle physics and cosmology — the very small and the very big.

Institutional Investor, Aug. 27, 2018
When Not to Invest in a Hedge Fund
Although fund launches tend to spike when investor demand for hedge funds is high, funds opened during these “hot” markets deliver relatively poor performance and exhibit higher operational risk, found Florida State University professor Lin Sun and finance professors Zheng Sun and Lu Zheng of the University of California, Irvine.

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