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Wired, Aug. 27, 2018
Y Combinator Learns Basic Income Is Not So Basic After All
The University of Michigan research center is also collecting data for another large-scale basic income project, called “Baby’s First Years,” being led by Greg Duncan at University of California Irvine. The project is recruiting 1,000 low-income new moms from hospitals in four cities, half of whom will receive an unconditional $333 per month, while the control group receives $20 per month.

dLife, Aug. 24, 2018
Obesity And Diabetes: Why We Should Be Worried About The Plastics That Surround Us
[Bruce Blumberg, and Raquel Chamorro-Garcia, write] Today, nearly 40 percent of U.S. adults and 21 percent of youth are obese. This trend is on the upswing and the worldwide population is becoming more obese – which is increasing the risk of other conditions like Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease whose prevalence has doubled globally in the last 30 years. But you may be surprised to learn that it’s not just food that is making us fat. Experiments using animal models have shown that exposure to chemicals used in industry and found in plastics, preservatives, pesticides and flame retardants, just to name a few, may be important contributors to the growing number of metabolic disorders – including obesity.

Enterprise, Aug. 24, 2018
Assembly dedicates day to children with epilepsy
“Epilepsy in an infant is different than an adult,” said Dr. Mary Zupanc, division chief of pediatric neurology at UC Irvine and director of the CHOC Children’s Hospital Neuroscience Institute. “A child’s brain is not fully developed which makes it vulnerable to epileptic storms. Therefore, early diagnosis and prompt treatment can have a large impact on the child’s quality.”

Washington Monthly, Aug. 27, 2018
Washington Monthly’s 2018 College Guide and Rankings Issue Is Out! How’d Your Alma Mater Do?
The Washington Monthly magazine today released its 13th annual College Guide and Rankings, which rate colleges and universities on their contributions to social mobility, research, and public service. … 20 University of California, Irvine (CA).

Desert Sun, Aug. 26, 2018
Michael Cohen’s hush money plea marks rare ‘win’ in campaign system
But Richard Hasen, an election law expert at the University of California at Irvine said it’s the kind of argument that might sway voters given the complexity of campaign finance law.“I would say campaign finance violations are seen as technical and difficult for the public to understand,” he said. “People don’t have a frame of reference.”

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