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CBC, Aug. 23, 2017
Late night snacking packs on the pounds. And the wrinkles.
It seems like a bizarro claim but new research out of the O’Donnell Brain Institute and UC Irvine showed that abnormal meal times confound the biological clock of our largest organ (it’s our skin, if your biology is rusty). The study showed conclusively that feeding mice at unnatural times reduced the effectiveness of a crucial enzyme in their skin that normally provides daytime protection from hazardous ultraviolet solar radiation.

The Verge, Aug. 22, 2017
This Artist’s New Landscape Studies Are of Melting Glaciers
Take the change in temperature, for instance. “At first, a warming climate of a few degrees sounds small,” says Zachary Labe, a PhD student in Earth system science at UC Irvine. Labe creates visualizations of Arctic sea ice in digestible animated GIF format. But when that change is illustrated with art, visualized data, photography, or even music, it’s easier to understand its significance, according to Labe.

Alternet, Aug. 21, 2017
White Communities Need to Do More to Ferret Out Terrorists in Their Midst
Richard Hasen, a political scientist at UC Irvine, recently published a paper on how the internet has helped hate groups spread their numbers at rates they could only have dreamed of before the digital era. “It just becomes easier to organize, to spread the word, for people to know where to go,” Hansen told Pacific Standard.

Variety, Aug. 25, 2017
Big Data and Jazz Hands: How One Company Aims to Bring Silicon Valley to Broadway
The Accelerator has also partnered with University of California, Irvine in Orange County, where the Irvine Barclay Center is located. Along with “The Next Fairy Tale,” shows to be excerpted at the Aug. 26 performance include 80s-set gymnastics tale “Spandex,” an adaptation of “The Count of Monte Cristo,” “Freaky Friday”-style high school comedy “Changing Minds” and “Gold Mountain,” a love story set during the construction of the first transcontinental railroad.

Orange Coast Magazine, Aug. 25, 2017
UC Irvine Drama Alum Lilan Bowden on Playing Bex on Disney Channel’s “Andi Mack”
Though Bowden knew in college that she wanted to act, she says she never imagined becoming a series regular on such a popular show. Her only aspiration was to have enough work to pay the rent. For the first decade after graduating from UC Irvine, she hustled to make that happen.

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