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The Huffington Post, Aug. 19, 2016
Will the Justice Department’s decision to end private prisons help children?
Michele Goodwin, Chancellor’s Professor at University of California, Irvine, [writes]: One special report exposes what simply amounts to inhumane treatment, cruelty, and torture of children at private jail facilities. … The federal government has taken a first step toward reform, but more is needed.  If incarcerated adults deserve better facilities and more humane treatment, so too do children.

USA Today, Aug. 24, 2016
Even Trump and Clinton need big-money donors: Column
Richard L. Hasen, a professor at the University of California, Irvine School of Law, [writes]: With Donald Trump’s unorthodox and vitriolic campaign seeming to suck up all the oxygen on the planet, it is easy to lose sight of a core truth this election has revealed: A presidential contest between a billionaire and a multimillionaire does not magically lessen the influence of the wealthiest over our elections and public policy.

CBS Los Angeles, Aug. 23, 2016
Activists protest imprisonment, potential deportation of undocumented grandmother
The case has galvanized supporters such as Ana Muñiz, an assistant professor of criminology, law and society at UC Irvine, to Hernandez’s cause. “This is an illustrative case of how gang profiling criminalizes people based on where they live and who they know rather than what they do,” Muñiz said in a statement.

Harvard Business Review, Aug. 23, 2016
Why do so many women who study engineering leave the field?
My colleagues Carroll Seron (UC Irvine), Erin Cech (University of Michigan), Brian Rubineau (McGill), and I conducted a longitudinal study of engineering students to see how “socialization,” or learning about the culture of engineering, affects their future job decisions. We found that female students do as well or better than male students in school – but often point to the hegemonic masculine culture of engineering itself as a reason for leaving.

Orange County Business Journal, Aug. 22, 2016
Philanthropy – summer school kids like
The University of California, Irvine Paul Merage School of Business, with support from Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company, held two week-long summer finance programs for underprivileged high school students in Orange County. More than 60 boys and girls ages 14 to 18 participated in the sessions.  [One program] taught ninth and 10th grade students life skills in money and investment management … The second program … focused on … macroeconomics and global financial markets.

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