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NPR, Aug. 22, 2016
Why do we judge parents for putting kids at perceived − but unreal − risk?
The paper’s authors (developmental psychologists Ashley Thomas and Barbara Sarnecka, and philosopher Kyle Stanford, all of the University of California, Irvine) were kind enough to answer a few questions about their research and the politics of parenting.

Los Angeles Times, Aug. 19, 2016
Did physicists discover a previously unknown fifth force of nature?
Theoretical physicists at UC Irvine say they’ve found evidence for a fifth fundamental force of nature, carried by a particle that until now has gone totally unnoticed. … “If this is true, it would be a really big guide as to what the future would hold as far as the ultimate theory of particle physics,” said study coauthor Timothy Tait, a UC Irvine theoretical particle physicist.

Orange County Register, Aug. 22, 2016
Meet the Yoda of the NBA’s salary cap
[Larry] Coon likes to keep his UCI and NBA lives separate – think Bruce Wayne without the danger and the fancy belt. And while teams have approached him in the past about full-time opportunities, he’s not looking to leave the UC system anytime soon. At UCI, he’s been a part of implementing a complex systems transition that will eventually change everything from payroll to student services. And, he wants to see that through. “It’s my career,” he says.

The Huffington Post, Aug. 22, 2016
My privilege to learn:  Accessibility and empowerment at UC Irvine School of Law
Paras Shah, a J.D. candidate at UC Irvine School of Law, [writes]: When administrators and technology specialists spoke of the range of services they could offer to help me, they made me feel a part of the law school community. Their flexibility in making books accessible and navigating campus, and responsiveness to my concerns about the reading load and participating in class showed they want me to thrive both in and out of the classroom. My experience with the [UCI] law school is remarkable.

The Washington Post, Aug. 19, 2016
Hillary Clinton talks more like a man than she used to
Jennifer Jones
, a Ph.D. candidate in the department of political science at the University of California, Irvine, [writes]: My research finds that as the Democratic nominee moved from first lady to U.S. senator to secretary of state, she spoke in an increasingly masculine way. In talking more “like a man,” Clinton has conformed to prominent gender norms in American politics.

FOX News Latino, Aug. 19, 2016
Obama approval among Latinos at all-time high despite deportations, disappointments
“I don’t find it to be surprising,” said Louis DeSipio, a political scientist at University of California, Irvine, in reference to the high marks for Obama. “Latino registered voters are concerned about a range of issues – the economy, social services, respect for the Latino community, as well as immigration.” “The policy focus of President Obama’s administration has addressed a range of concerns of Latinos and, in these areas, they have generally approved of his actions,” DeSipio said.

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