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The New York Times, Aug. 17, 2022 (Opinion)
Opinion: The Housing Market Is Bad but Not That Bad – Elsewhere
Age discrimination in employment is still a thing, even with 11 million unfilled jobs in the U.S. economy. The [Distinguished Professor of economics] David Neumark of the University of California, Irvine, and three other economists made fake want ads … “Job-ad language that deters older workers from applying for jobs can have roughly as large an impact on hiring of older workers as direct age discrimination in hiring,” they wrote in a National Bureau of Economic Research working paper. [Subscription required, campus-wide access provided by UCI Libraries. Sign-up here: https://guides.lib.uci.edu/nytimes]

Medical Xpress, Aug. 17, 2022
Does decades-old smallpox vaccination protect against monkeypox?
While a limited number of studies offer hopeful signs that childhood smallpox vaccination offers some enduring protection decades later, health experts say aging baby boomers whose arms may still bear the marks of those childhood inoculations shouldn’t assume they’re immune. “I wouldn’t say there’s no protection,” said Andrew Noymer, an associate professor of population health and disease prevention at the University of California, Irvine. “But it’s not something I would just count on.”

Business Insider, Aug. 16, 2022 (Subscription)
YouTubers have moved from true-crime storytelling to trying to solve cases. and it’s led to a complicated relationship with police
“Research has shown how beginning in the late 1980s, ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ and other shows … are really leading to a bit more of the blurring of the lines between what is information and what is entertainment,” said Brandon Golob, an assistant professor of criminology at UC Irvine. “YouTube specifically allows for user generated content and participation from audiences in ways that podcasts and docuseries don’t,” he added.

Western Farm Press, Aug. 16, 2022
Study: Restoring overstocked forests yields benefits
Study collaborator and ecosystem-service expert Benis Egoh, an assistant professor [of earth system science] at UC Irvine, points out that, “This research recognized that given the complexity of forest ecosystems across the western United States, the investments required and the management constraints, increasing forest resilience requires a range of actions.” She adds, “Accounting for perceived interactions of ecosystem services is key to multi-benefit valuation of restoration investments and to monetizing those benefits in equitable ways.”

Backpacker, Aug. 11, 2022
Could Social Media Be Landing Hikers in Danger? This Study Suggests So.
Zachary Lu, [resident in the Department of Surgery], of University of California, Irvine and his team decided to quantify that risk.  Published in Wilderness and Environmental Medicine in 2021, their article, The Associations Between Visitation, Social Media Use, and Search and Rescue in United States National Parks, matched SAR and national park visitation stats with social media data to try to determine the relationship between traffic, social posts, and rescues. … He said his process had a goal: “How can we maximize the experience of everyone having fun while keeping them safe, and particularly as it pertains to social media?”

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