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Popular Mechanics, Aug. 15, 2017
New Study Shows How Well We Beat Back Climate Change in the 80s
In 1973, two scientists at the University of California, Irvine began to study the effects of chlorofluorocarbons, also known as CFCs and its commercial name, freon, on the environment. … F. Sherwood Rowland and Mario Molina … found that when CFC gases mixed with solar radiation they eat away at the ozone layer …. By 1985, the science was indisputable.

The Huffington Post, Aug. 11, 2017
Taming the Back-to-School Jitter Monster
Jessica Borelli, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of California, Irvine, writes: “The onset of the new school year signals relief for parents everywhere, but for school-age children it spurs a rise in nervous energy that can manifest itself in a wide range of behavioral issues. … Need some tips for how to help your child manage this monster inside? Read on!”

Orange County Register, Aug. 15, 2017
How to protect your eyes during next week’s solar eclipse in Southern California
“This is going to be an interesting astronomical phenomenon, so we’re going to want to stare at it,” said Dr. Baruch Kuppermann, a UC Irvine ophthalmologist and retina specialist. “We may overrule our common sense by our desire to see it.”

Vox, Aug. 16, 2017
Trump’s idea that jobs will solve racism is just wrong
“There’s no easy answer to ‘overcoming racial divides,’ and there probably is no ‘overcoming’ them,” Michael Tesler, professor of political science at UC Irvine and a leading expert on race and American politics, says. “The easiest way to mitigate them, though, would be for politicians of all stripes to acknowledge the realities of the historical and ongoing white supremacy in America, and vocally condemn them.”

Signature, Aug. 9, 2017
Hell Is Other People: Jean-Paul Sartre vs. Surfing, Illustrated
In his new book, Surfing with Sartre, Aaron James … makes the case that one does have to choose to get out of bed every morning. Throughout Surfing with Sartre, the [UCI] philosophy professor and dedicated surfer James pits the deductions of philosophers against the lessons he’s learned surfing.

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