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The Washington Post, Aug. 9, 2017
Donald Trump is already costing conservative lawmakers seats — in the U.K.
Michael Tesler, associate professor of political science at UC Irvine, writes: “The results indicate that there was indeed a Trump effect on the U.K. Election. Here is the relationship between voters’ reactions to Trump’s victory and their support for the Conservative and Labour parties in both 2015 and 2017.”

NPR, Aug. 9, 2017
‘Schoolifying’ Minecraft Without Ruining It
“Scrappy educators and hackers and YouTubers kept adding stuff on, and it was very much an organic, geek-led movement,” says Mimi Ito, a cultural anthropologist at UC Irvine who studies how children and teens use media. She is also the founder of an online Minecraft summer camp.

East Bay Times, Aug. 9, 2017
In California, ‘sanctuary state’ and other immigration bills face surprising opposition
But bills that would have levied economic sanctions against companies that help build the border wall that Trump proposed erecting between the U.S. and Mexico will not become law. That’s not too surprising, said Louis DeSipio, a political science professor at UC Irvine. “They probably very quickly found that those companies are pretty entangled with other business in the state,” he said.

Salon, Aug. 9, 2017
Study: The Milky Way is swarming with black holes
A new research paper from astronomers at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) suggests that there are way more black holes in the universe — and by extension our own galaxy — than previously thought.

Orange County Register, Aug. 1, 2017
In Irvine, ‘Shrew’ pits rebel ’70s against conformist ’80s
Director Beth Lopes’ staging is a mirthful melange of matrimonial mayhem and her cast an enjoyably silly collection of goofballs. Lopes imparts a lightly bawdy and suggestive tone and style, a fun, funky-loose ambience and a decidedly ’80s edge, free of spiky satire and with a minimum of harsh slapstick, delivering the familiar tale in a light, whimsical manner …. Where: New Swan Theater, Gateway Plaza, University of California, Irvine ….

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