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Fox News, April 6, 2020 (Video)
Doctors race to develop coronavirus drugs, speeding through hurdles
Dr. Phil Felgner, the director of UCI’s Vaccine Research and Development Center has been working on a study to help determine which survivors’ blood offered the most effective antibodies to generate a robust immune response in victims. Aware that researchers around the world have been working on the same question, Felgner said his department has been collecting data one day and publishing it the next for all to share. … Another study, underway at 75 U.S. universities, involved remdesivir …. “It attacks the viral genome and basically kills it,” UCI researcher Dr. Alpesh Amin said. “So, we want to be able to prove whether the drug works or not. There’s been anecdotal experience on use of the drug, but we have no firm data to prove its efficacy.”

Associated Press, April 7, 2020
California lends 500 ventilators to 4 states, 2 territories
Virgin Orbit, billionaire Richard Branson’s company that makes rockets, has developed a prototype for a “bridge ventilator” designed to help patients breathe until they can be put on a traditional ventilator. The company is awaiting federal approval before it can begin mass producing the model, which wadeveloped in partnership with researchers at the University of California, Irvine.

Los Angeles Times, April 6, 2020 (Video)
What South Korea did right to combat coronavirus
Andrew Noymer, UCI associate of professor, public health [said] “When you have a case, you contact 10 people. You ask them ‘who did you meet within the last 5 days?’ If you get a list of, say, 10 people, then you contact those 10 people. It’s very labor-intensive when done thoroughly, but South Koreans are set up for this.”

The Guardian, April 6, 2020
What an Iranian film about a leper colony can teach us about coronavirus
According to Nasrin Rahimieh, professor of comparative literature at the University of California, [Irvine] Forough Farrokhzad told Bernardo Bertolucci that “she saw the leper colony as an example or a model of a world imprisoned by its illnesses, difficulties, and poverty”. Rahimieh suggests that “life in the leper colony is a metaphor for life in general”. … Roxanne Varzi, a professor of anthropology and film at the University of California, [said] that the film … serves as a metaphor for “the Shah’s oppressive social policies and a critique of the practice of religion at the time”.

Cheddar, April 6, 2020 (Video)
Anxious? Turn Off the Media and Other Tips From Experts
“Turn off the media. Stop watching,” said E. Alison Holman, an associate professor at the University of California, Irvine’s Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing. “This is my research. Media exposure will heighten your anxiety.” Holman holds a doctorate degree in health psychology and has focused on studying trauma-related health problems. “Stay informed — yes — it’s important. Know what’s going on but don’t overdo the media,” she said. “If you’re feeling particularly anxious, do something to distract yourself if you can.”

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