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Forbes, April 26, 2017
Best Value Colleges 2017 By Region: Northeast, West, Midwest And South
No matter where in the country you opt to attend college, be it sunny Miami or less-than-sunny Seattle, quality and good value spans coast to coast. Below, we’ve compiled some facts about this year’s list based on where the schools are located …. Top 10 In The West: U.C. Irvine, No. 8 ….

United Press International, April 27, 2017
New 2D materials conduct electricity at nearly the speed of light
“Finally, we can take exotic, high-end theories in physics and make something useful,” Jing Xia, an association professor of physics and astronomy at the University of California, Irvine, said in a news release. “We’re exploring the possibility of making topological quantum computers [currently theoretical] for the next 100 years.”

Vox, April 27, 2017
Child poverty in the US is a disgrace. Experts are embracing this simple plan to cut it.
Programs that give families cash, UC Irvine economist Greg Duncan has found, result in better learning outcomes and higher earnings for their kids. One study found a $3,000 annual income increase for poor parents is associated with 19 percent higher earnings for their child once he or she grows up. That implies that a child allowance of that size could dramatically improve the lives of children decades later.

Orange County Register, April 25, 2017
San Juan Capistrano follows Irvine’s lead, switching to organic weed control at parks
Bruce Blumberg, a professor of developmental and cell biology at UC Irvine, and Dean Baker, professor of medicine at UC Irvine, attended the San Juan council meeting, suggesting links between exposure to toxic chemicals and an array of diseases from autism to developmental disorders to cancers to Parkinson’s to Alzheimer’s.

Women’s Health, April 26, 2017
6 Ways To Reset Your Health And Digi-Life Using Your Phone
In a 2016 study at the University of California, Irvine, students were asked to take daily selfies of themselves smiling. Over a four-week period, some of the happy snappers became notably more confident and comfortable with their smiling self-portraits.

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