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PBS Newshour, April 26, 2022
Elon Musk bought Twitter. What’s next?
David Kaye, [clinical] professor at UC Irvine School of Law [and co-director, Fair Elections and Free Speech Center], “I don’t think we know right now. I think that if we go with Elon’s sort of approach towards free speech, which is kind of a grade school version of free speech where the speaker is everything and the audience and other speakers don’t matter, I think that’s going to turn Twitter into a place that a lot of people find difficult to use. But I also think that he’ll figure out pretty quickly that Twitter has rules in order to expand freedom of expression and he’ll probably come to appreciate them the more he’s there and sort of working on making it a better platform.”

Spectrum News 1, April 25, 2022
UCI business school hosts conference on ‘digitally driven world’
More than a decade into a career in financial services, Tonya Bradford found her calling. … In academia, Bradford, [associate professor at UCI Paul Merage School of Business], says she can focus on the long game, and a key to that has been a newly established annual conference to help connect students and professionals with investors and networks to build business relationships. The conference — organized and hosted by the Black Management Association — makes a special point to connect all interest groups on campus with each other. … The theme for the conference is “Wealth for a Digitally Driven World.”

Forbes, April 26, 2022 (Senior contributor)
Here Are The 28 Andrew Carnegie Fellows For 2022
The Carnegie Corporation of New York announced the 2022 class of Andrew Carnegie Fellows today. Each of the 28 new fellows will receive $200,000 to fund their research and writing in the social sciences and humanities on a range of important social issues. … Here are the 2022 Fellows: … Michael Méndez [assistant professor of urban planning and public policy at] University of California, Irvine ….

Computerworld, April 26, 2022
The 9-to-5 workday is over
But, as Gloria Mark, a [Chancellor’s] Professor in the Department of Informatics at the University of California, Irvine and a visiting researcher at Microsoft, observed, “More than ever, people are taking on additional day duties that they didn’t have before, whether it’s caring for kids and helping with schooling or being a caretaker to another family member.… [This is] pushing a lot of people to work later.”

The Orange County Register, April 24, 2022
OC ICUs’ COVID-19 cases far from surge highs, but is it too soon to get hopes up?
“I don’t think the next wave in SoCal, whenever that may be, is going to be devastating,” [Andrew Noymer, UCI associate professor of public health] said. “I’m not panicking — I think the next wave may be a little wavelet, not a mountain — but we can’t rest on our laurels. COVID is going to be here to stay for years. It’s not necessarily going to fade away, like flu, to something that causes 60,000 deaths a year. Maybe it’ll fade to 100,000 deaths a year — but that’s still way too many. [Subscription required, campus-wide access provided by UCI Libraries. Sign-up here: https://guides.lib.uci.edu/news/ocregister]

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