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The Tab, April 14, 2016
UC Irvine is the best school in California, the US and probably the world
UC Irvine is a truly one of a kind place with many unique experiences to offer its students. We all know prestige and ranking isn’t the only thing you care about (though we always come number one). Below are the real things you need know about UC Irvine and why there is no other place like it.

Orange County Register, April 14, 2016
UC Irvine to kick off Earth Week activities Monday
Earth Week kicks off Monday at UC Irvine. … The week of activities, put on by the UCI Sustainability Co-Curricular Working Group in coordination with campus organizations, includes events, games and giveaways.

Mental­ Floss, April 14, 2016
How bacteria taught us to edit genes
Biologists from two University of California schools (San Diego and Irvine) forged a mosquito with two genetic tweaks that let it fight off the malaria parasites so it can no longer spread them; that genetic trend is intended to propagate through the insect population.

Orange County Register, April 14, 2016
Underage teens have easy access to liquid nicotine by shopping online
It’s easy for underage teenagers to go online and illegally buy the flavored liquid nicotine that fuels e-cigarettes, UC Irvine researchers say. … Only four of 120 vendors rejected them, and nearly one-quarter of the companies who shipped products to the teenagers were in California, including in Orange and Los Angeles counties, said the study’s lead author, UCI public health researcher Dmitriy Nikitin.

CBS 2, April 14, 2016
UCI alumnus Greg Louganis gets Wheaties box cover
“We should point out to our viewers, you’re a local boy. You went to high school in Southern California, you also went to UC Irvine.” “Yes! Zot!”

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