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Los Angeles Times, April 1, 2016
UC Irvine’s leafy campus is now one big laboratory to fight tree-killing beetle
When the first few sycamores began dying in UC Irvine’s Aldrich Park in late 2014, the victims numbered in the dozens. But over the next several months, hundreds of cottonwoods, native willows, goldenrain and coral trees met the same fate. “We’ve seen infestations of pests, but nothing to this extent,” said Richard Demerjian, director of UCI’s Office of Environmental Planning and Sustainability. “It came as quite a shock.”

Fox 11, March 31, 2016
UC Irvine e-sports scholarships aims to attract the best of the best!
Mark Deppe, the [UCI] acting e-athletic director says, “We are looking for near professional level. So, the top 1 to 200 in North America. So, people that are really really good at this game.”

Quartz, April 1, 2016
Scientists figured out how to steal any 3D printed product just from the sounds the printer makes
Scientists at the University of California, Irvine, have figured out that just by recording the whirrs of a 3D printer, they can reverse-engineer the design for whatever it was creating. … As graduate researcher Sujit Chhetri suggested in the team’s video, a hacker could use a regular smartphone’s sound recording function, leave it recording until the printer is finished, and then run the sounds through their program.

Mashable, March 31, 2016
California university builds eSports arena, recruits ‘League of Legends’ team
The University of California, Irvine announced this week it will be the first public institution to offer video gaming scholarships, and it is set to launch its new eSports initiative with the opening of a 3,500 square-foot gaming arena this fall. … “UCI eSports will be built on four pillars: competition, academics, entertainment and community,” said Thomas Parham, UCI vice chancellor for student affairs.

CBS Los Angeles, April 1, 2016
Ask an OC expert: 5 fun & easy science projects to do at home
As an assistant professor of neurological surgery at the University of California, Irvine, Sumeet Vadera shares his passion for science and research through his work daily. … Teaching children at a young age about how exciting science can be is his recommendation to creating lifelong learners that will improve our understanding of the world.

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