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Alumni Kenton Rainey

Cultural climate change

BART police chief discusses challenges of taking over agency in wake of infamous Oscar Grant killing

Admin Soraya Azzawi

Focusing on refugees

Dalai Lama Scholar Soraya Azzawi is dedicated to raising awareness of human rights struggles and the plight of refugees around the world.


Facts, figures about fall’s new faces

UC Irvine is welcoming new students with a week’s worth of fun events and activities, including a midnight “back to school” shopping trip to Target, a chance to break the dodgeball world record, an evening concert in Aldrich Park and a rally in support of the men’s soccer team.


College prep

UCI summer orientation for freshmen, parents eases transition for all.

Alumni Armaan Rowther

A meal with a message

Armaan Rowther’s campus project also includes hunger banquet, interfaith dialogue, community service initiative.

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