social sciences

Peter Ditto, and Sena Koleva

Morality unmasked

Think you know the difference between right and wrong? Let’s say you’re a surgeon with five patients whose survival depends upon organ transplants. A healthy patient of yours would be an ideal donor for all of them. Do you transplant his organs (against his will) into the bodies of the other patients? What if five […]

Expanding teens’ world view

Launched 10 years ago, UCI’s Global Connect program has taught international studies to nearly 8,000 high school students.

Cecelia Brody

Fostering their potential

It’s called emancipation, but for youths in foster care, being released from the child welfare system at age 18 often feels more like abandonment. Without financial resources or emotional support, many struggle to survive. They often wind up homeless or in prison, according to the Orangewood Children’s Foundation. In California, only 54 percent of foster youths […]

The mainstreaming of black politics

New book by UCI professor Katherine Tate examines factors behind burgeoning ranks of African Americans in Congress.

Olive Tree Initiative branches out

UCI’s Olive Tree Initiative has sponsored its third trip to the Middle East, branched out to three other campuses and garnered national recognition.

Angela Garcia

Land of disenchantment

UCI anthropologist Angela Garcia studies rural drug addiction in her New Mexico hometown.

Alumnus Chris Canfield

Game boy

UC Irvine alumnus Chris Canfield designs computer games like “Guitar Hero II” and “Rock Band” for millions of players who want to unleash their inner rock star. To those who once acted out their rock ‘n’ roll fantasies by shredding on a tennis racket or singing into a showerhead, the games are the greatest invention […]