Solving algorithm ‘amnesia’ reveals clues to how we learn

Finding by UCI biologists could help combat cognitive impairments

UCI team uncovers key brain mechanisms for organizing memories in time

Convergence research project integrated neurobiology with data science techniques

UCI receives grant to support 30 HBCU students in Summer Institute in Neuroscience

Center for Neurobiology of Learning and Memory to partner with Delaware State U.

Manuella Oliveira Yassa, director of outreach and education at UCI’s Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

Nurturing an early interest in neuroscience

Both inspired and supported by UCI’s Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, a local high schooler launches a group for teens fascinated by the brain

Xiangmin Xu, director of UCI’s Center for Neural Circuit Mapping in his lab

Cartographers of the brain

UCI’s Center for Neural Circuit Mapping is redrawing our understanding of mechanisms underlying several common disorders

Putting the ‘lazy eye” to work

UCI research suggests expanding amblyopia treatment approaches

UCI study identifies brain protein that could put the brakes on Alzheimer’s

Discovery of TOM-1 protein role heralds new directions in the disease fight

microscopic image of cells

Link between brain immune cells and Alzheimer’s disease development identified

UCI study finds absence of microglia prevents plaque formation

Giving – and getting – a helping hand

UCI scholarship recipient aids others on her journey to becoming a doctor

Brain Explorer Academy expands young minds

Outreach program for second- to eighth-graders promotes scientific thinking, interest in STEM careers