Now you just need to remember to exercise!

Even mild physical activity immediately improves memory function, UCI-led study finds

Deciphering dementia’s gender gap

UCI researchers win grant to explore why Alzheimer’s affects more women

Michael Yassa

High-resolution brain imaging provides clues about memory loss in older adults

UCI-led study reveals potential tool for early dementia diagnosis

UCI cracks code to restoring memory creation in older or damaged brains

Crucial gene gains new life after molecular brake is lifted

Barbara Dosher

Dosher, Solingen honored by National Academy of Sciences for research achievements

Social sciences scholars awarded for work on human cognition, nuclear proliferation

UCI neurobiologists aim to identify biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers hope to develop brain imaging tools for pre-symptomatic diagnosis

Addressing the daily dilemmas of dementia care

Alzheimer’s conference co-hosted by UCI will tackle such sensitive subjects as intimacy, elder abuse, driving risks and end-of-life options

Selective retention of positive information may be marker for elderly memory loss

UCI group develops test to measure changes in emotional recall over time

Playing 3-D video games can boost memory formation, UCI study finds

Results suggest novel approaches to maintaining cognition as we age

Multiple, short learning sessions strengthen memory formation in fragile X syndrome

A learning technique that maximizes the brain’s ability to make and store memories may help overcome cognitive issues seen in fragile X syndrome, a leading form of intellectual disability, according to UC Irvine neurobiologists.