Hongkai Zhao and his former doctoral student Hao Gao

New MO for CT, MRI, and PET

Mathematicians develop safer, cheaper method of internal imaging.

A child in front of a blackboard with math problems on it

Kids skilled early in math do better in school

UCI researcher also finds K-5 students with persistent numeracy issues much less likely to graduate from high school.

Program fosters future science, math teachers

UCI program helps meet nation’s critical need for more – and better – math and science teachers.

A “mathlete” competes in Mathcounts regionals

UCI hosts middle school ‘mathletes’

Students exercise their computational skills in regional round of nationwide competition.

Gunther Uhlmann

Famed math professor who researches invisibility joins UCI

Famed math professor who recently joined UCI says breakthrough equations could make invisibility a possibility.

Child playing counting games

Boosting preschoolers’ math skills

UCI team seeks to boost number-concept skills – and chances of academic success – among low-income, bilingual preschoolers.

George Tita

Fighting crime with math

UCI’s George Tita and colleagues use math to explain crime hot spots, recommend prevention strategies.

E-Week activities

Restoring math and science excellence

Summit aims to boost student interest, achievement in science, technology, engineering, math.