Lauds & Laurels

Jean-Claude Falmagne

Lauds & Laurels to salute 18 campus luminaries

Cognitive scientist-turned-mathematician and educational software entrepreneur Jean-Claude Falmagne will receive prestigious Extraordinarius award

A blue & golden anniversary

As UC Irvine turns 50, the campus community celebrates a ‘bright past’ while anticipating a ‘brilliant future’

Edward Thorp with two playing cards

Blackjack guru named Extraordinarius

Former math professor Edward Thorp will receive UCI Alumni Association’s top award May 16

Lauds & Laurels honoree studies role of ethnic clubs on campus

The prospect of better employment may be what motivates students to enroll in college, but the key to keeping them enrolled has a lot to do with peer-bonding experiences and organizational involvement, says Daisy Reyes, UC Irvine graduate student in sociology and Lauds & Laurels honoree.

Distinguished Professor Brian Skyrms

Extraordinarius winner shares his philosophy

Brian Skyrms, winner of the 2011 Extraordinarius award, discusses the finer points of social contract theory.

Roger McWilliams

Time traveler

UC Irvine physics & astronomy professor Roger McWilliams often appears to have stepped out of a time machine — from the past. He rides to work on a reproduction vintage bicycle with a wide leather seat and big chrome handlebars. When he does drive a car, it’s a 60-year-old Jaguar that he fixes himself with […]