Global fisheries to be, on average, 20 percent less productive in 2300, UCI study finds

Warming-induced plankton growth near Antarctica will impair marine food chain

Course of action

UCI among first campuses to offer interdisciplinary UC class fostering climate change solutions

Solar panels cover the roof of UCI’s Student Center Parking Structure.

Wind and solar power could meet four-fifths of U.S. electricity demand, study finds

UCI, Caltech, Carnegie: Investment in greater storage, transmission capabilities needed

UCI oceanographers solve mystery of phytoplankton survival in nutrient-poor Pacific

Essential iron is hoarded and recycled by the climate-regulating aquatic plants

UCI-led study identifies ‘hot spots’ of water quality violations

Problems more frequent in low-income, rural areas of the nation

Arctic lakes are releasing relatively young carbon, UCI-led study discovers

Findings paint less dire climate picture, as ancient emissions are more harmful

Rise in severity of hottest days outpaces global average temperature increase

UCI study also finds megacities affected most by uptick in extreme-heat events

Marine vegetation can mitigate ocean acidification, UCI study finds

Conservation of shoreline plants and seaweeds could, in turn, help preserve shellfish habitats

UCI: Earth is losing its fire power

Industrial farming disrupts burn-regrowth cycle in grasslands, study finds

Cultivating the next generation of scientists

UCI’s Project CRYSTAL integrates classroom and outdoor learning experiences