James Diego Vigil

Former ‘street kid’ now studies them

Professor who grew up in rough LA area credits family and social programs for his success in academia.

Criminology Outreach Program leader wins values award

Criminology, law & society professor John Dombrink studies changing mores – how what’s considered a sin today can become accepted behavior tomorrow.

Valerie Jenness

Social ecology dean drawn to gritty side of life

As her studies of prison violence, hate crimes and prostitution show, Valerie Jenness is drawn to the gritty side of life.

Susan Turner

What happens after parole?

UCI professor Susan Turner studies crime and punishment to help state policymakers develop prison and parole programs based on effectiveness — not emotion or politics.

Cracking down on white-collar crime

Corporate crooks pose greater threat to society than street hoodlums, says UCI’s Henry Pontell.

George Tita

Fighting crime with math

UCI’s George Tita and colleagues use math to explain crime hot spots, recommend prevention strategies.