UCI, fellow chemists find a way to unboil eggs

Ability to quickly restore molecular proteins could slash biotechnology costs

Researcher testing air pollution in the Middle East

Hazy road to Mecca

Severe air pollution spikes during yearly pilgrimage, UCI and others find

Rachel Martin

Venus flytraps, venom and vision

Rachel Martin’s offbeat interests have led to a potentially eyesight-saving discovery

Donald Blake

Chasing clean air

Led by Donald Blake, UCI scientists have been on a decades-long global quest to measure atmospheric pollution

Bryan Xie and Jennifer Prescher

Undergrad overachiever

Thanks to a UCI research program, junior Bryan Xie is already co-author of a groundbreaking study

Professor James Nowick

A global ‘gift’

UCI’s free, online chemistry lectures open the classroom doors to all

molecular dynamics simulation of p53 and stictic acid

Sequestration casts shadow over research labs

Recent UCI discovery related to cancer treatment is the type of work endangered

Vy Dong '98

A good mix

Vy Dong ’98 is back as a chemistry professor specializing in molecular reactions.

Sheryl Tsai

A fruitful career

Sheryl Tsai serves both present and future as a groundbreaking scientist and as an award-winning professor.

Students prepare Evans for contamination simulation

Handle with care

Safety staff do hands-on training with chemistry majors.