A (virtual) world without Parkinson’s

UCI anthropologist explores how people with disabilities make use of online environments

New novel by Roxanne Varzi set in modern Iran

Roxanne Varzi’s new novel, Last Scene Underground, portrays a modern Iran that’s rarely seen in the coverage of that country’s nuclear program and religious fundamentalism. The book tells of young, educated residents of Tehran who navigate their way through politics and art and in the process learn hard lessons about censorship, creativity and love. It was inspired by artists and […]

Elizabeth O’Malley

Staying true to her corps values

Volunteering around the world, E.B. O’Malley ’78 actively engages in global friendships and the pursuit of peace.

Sierra Leone resident transfers funds via cell phone

Smart money

UCI’s Institute for Money Technology and Financial Inclusion awarded $4.17 million from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill Maurer

Embarking on a new adventure

Anthropology professor Bill Maurer takes the reins as associate dean in School of Social Sciences.

American and Egyptian researchers carrying a sarcophagus

UCI cardiologist finds oldest case of coronary artery disease

A U.S.-Egyptian research team including a UC Irvine cardiologist studied CT scans of mummies – a sampling of the elite in ancient Egypt – and found that almost half showed evidence of coronary atherosclerosis in one or more of the arteries supplying blood to the heart and brain.

Justin Richland

Professor finds niche in Native American legal system

Justin Richland, associate professor of criminology, law & society, anthropology and law, knew early on that he didn’t want a typical career. He found his niche in the Native American legal system.

Sweet rebellion

Rachel Klemek ’91 smuggles healthy ingredients — and attitude — into her Blackmarket Bakery goods.

Justin Richland

Crossing cultures

Indigenous cultural artifacts share space with family photos on the walls and shelves of Justin Richland’s UC Irvine office: kachina dolls, Hopi ceremonial rattles and a skate deck made by Lakota-owned Wounded Knee Skateboards. The items reflect ancient traditions as well as ways in which Native Americans are adapting their culture to the modern era. It’s […]

Angela Garcia

Land of disenchantment

UCI anthropologist Angela Garcia studies rural drug addiction in her New Mexico hometown.