Fall 2022

For the Greater Good

In this edition of UCI Magazine, we explore how the university’s work reaches off campus, impacting society and improving lives “for the greater good.” The cover story, “The Great Equalizer explains how UCI’s new Institute for Precision Health is aiming to put additional health information – and decision making – in patients’ hands while striving for more advanced and equitable healthcare delivery. “Urban Dwelling” features social ecology professors partnering with local stakeholders to make cities more livable through efforts such as affordable housing expansion. Finally, “A Salivating Prospect” showcases how UCI’s Institute for Interdisciplinary Salivary Bioscience Research, one of the only labs of its kind in the world, is analyzing how the fluid enlightens us about the human body, while in “Exploring Vast Galaxies”, School of Physical Sciences Dean James Bullock shares how a recently launched telescope is creating new photos – and knowledge – of the great beyond.

Magazine Articles

Professor George Tita, director of the School of Social Ecology’s Livable Cities Lab

Urban dwelling

The School of Social Ecology’s Livable Cities Lab studies affordable housing, public safety and social enterprise innovations to improve city life

Desiré Whitmore Ph.D. '11

Laser-focused on science education

Desiré Whitmore, also known as LaserChick, is a physicist and advocate for underrepresented groups in STEM

James Bullock

Exploring vast galaxies

Three questions with UCI astrophysicist James Bullock, recent chair of the James Webb Space Telescope Users Committee

Brian T. Hervey

Embracing change to better lives

Brian T. Hervey talks about the transformative power of the Brilliant Future campaign

Researcher in UCI Spit Lab

A salivating prospect

Participants at Spit Camp get hands-on experience collecting biospecimens and learning how ‘the diagnostic fluid of the future’ provides a window into the body

The Great Equalizer feature hero

The great equalizer

UCI Institute for Precision Health heralds a “new era in healthcare”

Nobel laureate David MacMillan, Ph.D. ’96, (right) visits UCI in May, enabling a reunion with his Ph.D. advisor Larry Overman, UCI Distinguished Professor emeritus, and Vy Dong, UCI professor of chemistry

A Nobel journey

Personal reflections of Nobel recipient, UCI alumnus David MacMillan, Ph.D. ’96, who won the prize in chemistry in October 2021