Amihai Glazer, director of UCI's Program on Corporate Welfare, believes these gifts will expand opportunities for students.

Foundation Gifts Expand Student Research Opportunities

Last year, with a gift of $251,000 from the Charles Koch Foundation, UCI launched a Program on Corporate Welfare. Housed in the School of Social Sciences, the program provides opportunities for students to engage in research.

Now, with an additional $445,000 gift from the Charles Koch Foundation and a $150,000 gift from the Troesh Family Foundation, there will soon be more opportunities.

“These new funds will generate additional research opportunities, including the hiring of postdoctoral fellows,” says Amihai Glazer, a political scientist and director of the program. “Most exciting, the gifts will allow us to expand opportunities for students – ranging from high school to Ph.D. students – to engage in research, learn how to analyze data and work in teams.”

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