Judy Wu, UCI professor and chair of Asian American Studies visiting the Mitsuye Yamada collection at the UCI Langson Library. Photo credit: Audrey Fong / UCI

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

What do five determined UC students do when they find out current state guidelines restrict the use of public funds to travel to a conference in Texas to present their research? For  UCI undergraduates Sophaline Chuong, Maribel Comparan and Pauline Nguyen and graduate student Justine Trinh along with UC Santa Barbara undergraduate Malire Lozada, they create a crowdfunding campaign through ZotFunder, UCI’s online crowdfunding platform.

Their project, “APPI Women on the Move,” became the fastest-funded campaign in Zotfunder history. Within six days, the campaign had exceeded their goal of raising $1,800 to cover their travel expenses. “The generous donors who supported the travel of our students, all of whom are women of color and either immigrants or children of immigrants and refugees, enabled the students and me to have this incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience,” said Professor Judy Tzu-Chun Wu, chair of UCI’s Department of Asian American Studies.

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