Chancellor’s Club Awards Fellowships to Some of UCI’s Most Outstanding Students

The Chancellor’s Club is a community of UCI alumni, parents, faculty and friends who care deeply about the university and who have made a commitment to invest in its greatest needs.
This year, the Chancellor’s Club awarded fellowships to some of UCI’s most outstanding doctoral students. Honored at the Chancellor’s Campus Update and Fellowship Recipient’s Reception on May 24, 2017, each recipient was awarded a three-month stipend to total $6,000.

Janice Phung is just one of the 2017 fellowship recipients. Her award will support her dissertation research on mixed martial arts training as a means to improve social communication and executive functioning in children with autism. While working for a nonprofit after earning her bachelor’s degree, Phung witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by families affected by autism. Their strength helped inspire her research.

“Data are not just numbers; data are people. I think a lot of times we lose that. We forget as scientists who we are working for,” Phung says. “I think we owe it to the families and the people in our research to make sure, essentially, that we deliver what we promise, that we provide the knowledge and the understanding that participants want to know.”

As a proud first-generation college student, Phung is grateful for the awards and fellowships, such as the Chancellor’s Club Fund for Excellence Fellowship, she has received.

The complete list of current fellows include:

  • Julius Edson, a chemical engineering & biochemical engineering doctoral student
  • Jason Gowans, a master of fine arts candidate
  • Mallory Hinks, a chemistry doctoral student
  • Faezeh Tork Ladani, an electrical engineering and computer science doctoral student
  • Janice Phung, a psychology & social behavior doctoral student
  • Zachariah Reagh, a neurobiology and behavior doctoral student

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