Society & Community

Eric Wise

Eric Wise: big man on campus

By specializing in the family business – power basketball – UCI’s Eric Wise has become one of the top players in the Big West Conference.

Roy Fielding

Standing on protocol

Alumnus Roy Fielding helped develop the now-familiar HTTP that guides the flow of Internet information.

'Body Electric,' by Simon Penny and Malcolm McIver

DAC ’09 links culture, technology

Prestigious conference brings 100 presenters to UC Irvine in subjects ranging from informatics to science and technology studies, and from media studies to digital art and design.

Michael Drake shakes hands with chemistry grad student Jason Deckman

Budget cuts spur write-in campaign

California legislators and Gov. Schwarzenegger get the message from UC Irvine: It’s time to re-invest in higher education.

UCI's Digital Media & Learning Research Hub

Digital media & learning hub under way

Digital media use is transforming the way young people learn, UCI researcher Mizuko “Mimi” Ito has found, and schools should take note.

Katie and Kenny Callen and their son, Gage

UCI alumni help the homeless

The Illumination Foundation, started by six UCI students, helps homeless families find the way back to self-sufficiency.

Erika Hayasaki

A journalist’s journey

Award-winning reporter Erika Hayasaki trains a new generation of writers at UCI.

Cake on a scale

Celebrate without the extra weight

As director of UC Irvine’s Weight Management Program, Linda Gigliotti often sees the end results of holiday overindulgence. But the new year doesn’t have to dawn with new pounds, she says, especially if you can make wise food and beverage choices without sacrificing good cheer.

Jeff Barrett

A quantum leap forward?

With $160,000 from the National Science Foundation, Jeff Barrett and colleagues are combing through, scanning and preserving documents they hope will shed light on how to understand measurement as a consistent physical process in quantum mechanics – one of physics’ most debated puzzles that Everett believed he had solved as a graduate student.

Oladele Ogunseitan and Jean-Daniel Saphores

Solving the e-waste dilemma

Electronic devices could create significant environmental and health problems after they are thrown away. UC Irvine researchers are working with engineers, manufacturers and public health officials to find solutions.