A “mathlete” competes in Mathcounts regionals

UCI hosts middle school ‘mathletes’

Students exercise their computational skills in regional round of nationwide competition.

Andrew Chang

Fellowship winner follows his heart

Andrew Chang left a promising engineering career to pursue a doctorate in economics. His research aims to empower U.S. policymakers to create appropriate laws for possible future regulation of the financial sector.

A parent reading a book to their child

Baby books can boost home safety, study finds

UCI researchers produced five picture books combining colorful illustrations and rhyming text with parenting lessons to evaluate whether they’d boost the safety practices and health habits of new mothers.

Valerie Sanchez

Climbing the University Extension ladder of success

Former students discuss the impact of UCI continuing education on their careers.

Diane O’Dowd

Improving science education

UCI Professor Diane O’Dowd and others argue science teaching is not properly valued.

Making science come alive

UCI students educate, entertain children visiting Santa Ana museum.

A crowd-surfing student

2010 a year of challenges, achievement at UCI

In the past year, UC Irvine students, staff and faculty have stepped up in the face of continuing budget challenges and fee increases with innovation, drive and talent. The result? Research breakthroughs, national honors, global outreach, sports firsts – even a Guinness world record. Here are some top 2010 stories.

John C. Hemminger new vice chancellor for research

Physical sciences dean since 2006, the renowned chemist is a ‘committed campus collaborator.’

UCI community sends message to Sacramento

“Candidate Write-in” event urges legislature to reinvest in education.

New interim head of student affairs Thomas Parham

New interim vice chancellor for student affairs

Thomas Parham, new interim vice chancellor for student affairs, has long history of social advocacy, community service and youth empowerment.