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New windows into space

Researchers in UC Irvine’s Center for Cosmology are opening new windows into space and finding lost matter and bright galaxies.

Admin Greg Duncan

Breaking the poverty cycle

Greg Duncan finds that an income boost for poor families with young children leads to improved academic performance and lifetime earnings.

Admin a Haitian boy receives treatment at a medical clinic at the United Nations Stabilization Mission's logistics base

Hope for Haiti’s future

As Haiti begins rebuilding after a devastating earthquake, three UCI professors discuss how it could emerge a stronger country.

Alumni Deborah Lowe Vandell

Early child care affects teens

A recent study authored by UC Irvine education professor and chair Deborah Lowe Vandell found that teens who had attended high-quality child care programs scored higher on academic and cognitive tests than their peers.

Admin Diane Pataki

Climate change: smart strategies

Inundated with conflicting advice on how to reduce your carbon footprint? Diane Pataki, associate professor of Earth system science, will clear up the confusion.

Admin Julian Feldman

Julian Feldman, Extraordinarius

His vision led to the 1968 creation of an information and computer sciences department, which he twice chaired and would become the first ICS school in the University of California system.

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