Social Ecology

Climate change book garners award from the International Studies Association

Michael Méndez honored for writings on the equity and justice dimensions of climate policy

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UCI Podcast: California environmental justice advocates lead the way

Michael Méndez talks about the crucial years of the environmental justice movement

Associate Professor Keramet Reiter sitting at a desk talking to someone.

UCI’s graduate programs shine in U.S. News & World Report rankings

11 fields of advanced study place in top 10 among public universities on annual list

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UCI Podcast: How drought and climate change threaten California’s water

Better management of groundwater could help, says Nicola Ulibarri

Elizabeth Cauffman, professor of psychological science

Making juvenile justice more just

Innovative O.C. Young Adult Court gives youthful offenders a second chance

Assistant professor Michael Méndez named to L.A. Regional Water Quality Control Board

Michael Méndez, assistant professor of urban planning & public policy, has been appointed by state Gov. Gavin Newsom to the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board. The panel, one of nine statewide, is part of the California Environmental Protection Agency. Its mission is to preserve and enhance water quality in the L.A. area for […]

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UCI Podcast: New in-prison bachelor’s degree to transform lives

UCI LIFTED initiative will help lower recidivism rates through higher education

School of Social Ecology building on UCI campus

UCI online criminology master’s program ranked #1 in the nation for second year in a row

Named 2021 best in criminal justice by U.S. News & World Report

Chopsticks were used in the study to help subjects hold one of four facial expressions: A. neutral, B. non-Duchenne smile, C. Duchenne smile and D. grimace.

Smiling sincerely or grimacing can significantly reduce the pain of needle injection

Genuine smile also blunts stress-induced physiological responses, UCI-led study finds

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UCI Podcast: The new American political sectarianism

Peter Ditto discusses how everyone can remain level-headed in these tense times