Science & Technology

Suzanne Blum

Shedding light on molecular science

Suzanne Blum, assistant professor of chemistry, previews her public talk about glowing molecules.

Peter Donovan and Ping Wang

UCImpact: Stem cell research

It’s been five years since Californians approved Proposition 71, which created the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine and authorized up to $3 billion for the emerging field of stem cell biology. Since then, UCI’s program has thrived.

Kathryn Jennell

Organ donation: The gift of life

UC Irvine honors organ donors, recipients and families with rose dedication ceremony, including one woman whose decision to donate her husband’s organs gave rise to a new program at UC Irvine Medical Center.

Year of discovery, growth at UCI

High points of 2009 range from the volleyball court to the operating room with demonstrations of drive and dedication by UC Irvine students, faculty and staff.

Orchards wither in the dry fields near Interstate 5

Water: California’s disappearing resource

The view from space is not pretty as satellites show California groundwater being pumped for irrigation in unsustainable quantities.

Roy Fielding

Standing on protocol

Alumnus Roy Fielding helped develop the now-familiar HTTP that guides the flow of Internet information.

'Body Electric,' by Simon Penny and Malcolm McIver

DAC ’09 links culture, technology

Prestigious conference brings 100 presenters to UC Irvine in subjects ranging from informatics to science and technology studies, and from media studies to digital art and design.

UCI's Digital Media & Learning Research Hub

Digital media & learning hub under way

Digital media use is transforming the way young people learn, UCI researcher Mizuko “Mimi” Ito has found, and schools should take note.

Dr. Jae Chang

On the case with the blood detective

UCI hematologist Dr. Jae Chang employs medical sleuthing skills to identify rare blood disorders.

Dr. Homayoon Sanati

Treating cancer in older adults

Geriatric oncologist Dr. Homayoon Sanati decries the underrepresentation of seniors in clinical trials. He’s working with his UCI colleagues to provide a solution.